Angolan Artist Januario Jano brings together the Past and the Future

– News Article

Born in 1979 in Luanda, Angola, Januario Jano explores the opposing notions of modern pop culture and traditional practices through performance, photography and textile.

The chosen media are part of a more articulate vocabulary used by the artist to create his grammar: material defines the outcome of the work from the outset, either from an aesthetical point of view or from a perspective of narrative. The body plays a pivotal role as the main reason and provides the link between the present and past, to build up the historical narrative.

Living between Lisbon, London and Luanda - three totally different cities, representing at a glance the past, the present and the future - has a direct effect on Januario’s art as each place represents selected ‘seeds’: Luanda is the mother country and is functional to get what he needs to develop the narratives and to explore the physical, emotional and rational connection to it; London and Lisbon give him the speed to get things done and feed him with different ideas and inspirations.

Research is the central feature of his artistic practice. He has interest in exploring ideas of home and self, reflecting on his historical upbringing and the globalised cultural sphere.

“Seduced with the parallel between fiction and reality as my practice itself has this ambivalence to it, that creates the intersection to exploring the subjects around the body and its representation which occur within the increasingly globalised and cross-cultural dimension, that allows me to engage with sculpture, textile, performance, sound, video, photography, and installations,” Januario explains.