Catching Up with the Nederburg Gals

– News Article

You know what they say, “If you want something done, ask a woman.” We couldn’t agree more! Our ladies in the cellar, and the vineyards, are exceptionally talented, strong and fierce, but just as tender at the same time, with their passions burning much brighter than their fears. Keen to find out what they’ve been up? Read on…

Zinaschke Steyn, our red-winemaker, recently bought her very first home, in Paarl, together with her lovely wife, Jess. She explains: “It’s always been part of the plan for Jess and I to purchase our own home one day when we ‘grow up’. To finally achieve this goal is a huge milestone for us. Buying a property – a home of our own – is a long-term commitment, but we see it as an investment in our future. We’re so grateful for this blessing and look forward to many Saturday nights around the table in the braaikamer with our family and friends, enjoying each other’s company while savouring some delicious food and sipping on some fine wines!”

Our feisty assistant white-winemaker, Jamie Williams, and her husband, Cahlan, also celebrated a momentous milestone. Their first-born came into the world last month. A beautiful, healthy baby boy, he’s named Quinn Lee. “Being a new mom has taught me to be patient with myself, my husband and our baby. We are all new at this, including baby, so we should not put pressure on things we have no control over. Also, having the support from family and friends is much needed - it really takes a village to raise a child,” she says.

Meanwhile, our dedicated viticulturist, Isabel Teubes, has recently spent a fabulous holiday in Zanzibar, and have come back rested and energised to tackle the second half of the year. “I’m a summer girl, so decided to spend my vacation in Zanzibar where it’s much warmer than the icy cold winter we’ve been having in the Cape. I desperately needed some sunshine! Also, regulations permitted me to travel to this popular African destination, so that was it. On my way I went to the East Coast of Africa, hungry to learn more about the local people and their culture. I always experience travelling in Africa as such as an eye-opener. It’s super interesting to find out more about others and how they approach life, taking learnings from that and appreciating what we have. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the idyllic beaches, warm tropical waters, coral reefs and more such as underwater snorkelling! I absolutely loved every moment. Do yourself a favour, and consider Zanzibar as a destination the next time you travel outside the borders of South Africa.”

So, there you have it! We wish our Nederburg women the best in their respective journeys and, as always, encourage them to keep shining, and keep slaying!

Happy Women’s Month from all of us at Nederburg!