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  • Marco Ruben Charles

- The Giver

As someone who's always dreamt of giving back, Marco started voluteering in high school and is living his dream through the work he does through an NGO.


  • Alphoncinah Tiisetso Rantoa

- Foodie at heart.

Alphoncinah, a senior manager in one of SA's biggest restuarants, has used her position to train and hire young people through Sizzling Studies, where they are taught how things operate.


  • Robert Kgabo

- What started as a hobby has put me on the world map

Robert is a self-taught artist who started his artistic journey as a hobby and today, he competes with the best in the world.


  • Athal-John Cassidy Rhode

- Art will always inspire me

Athal-John was always good at drawing whilst growing up and has nurtured this talent by acquiring a qualification in Graphic Design. He is now part of a collective that does tattoos, art and design.


  • Nqobile Bathini Nkosi

- I designed a wedding band that changed my life


Nqobile knew he was destined to be a jewellery designer after he designed his first wedding band at the Soweto Jewellery School. Today he boasts a reputation for designing and producing custom made high-end jewellery that has received amazing reviews in many quarters.


  • Agreement Matshebele

- You're someone's role model

Agreement believes that one should never look down on themselves as they could be someone's role model.


  • Nokuphumla Sneli

- There is hope in a hopeless society


Nokuphumla believes that where you come from can play a major part in who you become in the future. She’s lived out this belief through her NPO she started, so the unheard and misunderstood may have a voice.


  • Nasika Baijnath

- We help where we can

Even the simplest act of kindness can change the lives of others forever. Nasika Baijnath started a giving programme, where people donate goods for the less fortunate.


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