Cross-Cultural, Cross-National Impetus for African Creativity

– News Article

It’s often the fusion of cultures, nationalities, customs, cuisines and much more, that brings about a certain unique beauty and richness of diversity that’s difficult to beat. That’s one of the reasons we love Africa so much! The spontaneity and creativity of its people are inspiring, as you’ll see in the profile pieces below.

Thabo Phake: This South African is making a name for himself as a talented chef, inspired by Africa. Only 21 years old, he is currently based in Abuja, Nigeria, where he consults for various restaurants while building up his own personal brand. He’s well-positioned to do just that - show the world what Africa has to offer not only when it comes to music, beauty and fashion, but also true African cuisine, representative of the whole continent. Read more about him here.

Endo² (or Endo Squared): A Kenyan apparel and accessories brand run by sisters Yvonne and Patti Endo, featuring a range of uniquely beautiful products inspired by Patti’s unique continuous line artwork. Initially starting off as an Instagram and Tumblr page to showcase Patti’s work, and their fashion, it has now grown to become a brand showcasing Patti’s art on different products, including exciting collaborations with brands like Sandstorm and Saba Studios. Read more about them here.

We’re truly proud to call the very interesting African continent our home. What makes you proud to be an African? Let us know!