Multi-Talented Anna Mwaura on her Love for Entertainment

– News Article

“Our lives center around the arts,” says popular Kenyan actress, television & radio presenter and writer, Anne Mwaura. “Whether we recognise it or not, it factors in the way we dress, live and even think.

“Since the age of 10, this is all I have wanted to do. Entertain. That moment of escapism, that rush when you see your audience hang onto your words and actions. The conversations that have come from being on radio and seeing other people’s perspectives, the excitement of seeing a stage play turn from simple words to an entire production and the long hours on set shooting that end up changing audiences’ lives globally. It’s a huge responsibility with an even bigger reward!” she explains.

Kenyan born and bred, Anne moved back to her home country in January 2017 after studying Performance in Florida, USA. Described as quirky, opinionated and stylish; it has reflected in the various music genres she enjoys. From Nina Simone to Cardi B, her appreciation for a wide range of entertainment allows her to adapt to different generations.

A fan of the theater, she enjoys acting as well as watching plays. Anne also enjoys attending concerts and as a self-proclaimed foodie, she is down to try anything (except mushrooms…she’s allergic).

Always interested in getting youth involved in political and social matters that affect them, she’s interned as an understudy judge for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which has its seat in The Hague, Netherlands, and the UNESCO Center for Peace. Multi-talented, she’s also junior swimming champion, and has represented Kenya in South Africa’s qualifying competitions. An adventure fanatic, she believes if she can jump out of a plane, she can do anything!