Nederburg #TellMyStory

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South Africa is filled with rich stories just waiting to be told. Along with street artist Russell Abrahams, we’ve brought your stories to life in full colour. See some of the South African stories that have been featured on our Mural in busy Maboneng.

  • Marco Ruben Charles

- The Giver

As someone who's always dreamt of giving back, Marco started voluteering in high school and is living his dream through the work he does through an NGO.


  • Alphoncinah Tiisetso Rantoa

- Foodie at heart.

Alphoncinah, a senior manager in one of SA's biggest restuarants, has used her position to train and hire young people through Sizzling Studies, where they are taught how things operate.


  • Robert Kgabo

- What started as a hobby has put me on the world map

Robert is a self-taught artist who started his artistic journey as a hobby and today, he competes with the best in the world.


  • Athal-John Cassidy Rhode

- Art will always inspire me

Athal-John was always good at drawing whilst growing up and has nurtured this talent by acquiring a qualification in Graphic Design. He is now part of a collective that does tattoos, art and design.


  • Nqobile Bathini Nkosi

- I designed a wedding band that changed my life

Nqobile knew he was destined to be a jewellery designer after he designed his first wedding band at the Soweto Jewellery School. Today he boasts a reputation for designing and producing custom made high-end jewellery that has received amazing reviews in many quarters.


  • Agreement Matshebele

- You're someone's role model

Agreement believes that one should never look down on themselves as they could be someone's role model.


  • Nokuphumla Sneli

- There is hope in a hopeless society

Nokuphumla believes that where you come from can play a major part in who you become in the future. She’s lived out this belief through her NPO she started, so the unheard and misunderstood may have a voice.


  • Nasika Baijnath

- We help where we can

Even the simplest act of kindness can change the lives of others forever. Nasika Baijnath started a giving programme, where people donate goods for the less fortunate.


  • Tonderai Chiyindiko

- Greatful for a second chance

Tonderai left his home country in search of a better life. He landed in Johannesburg where he worked as a cab driver and today, holds a Masters Degree in Drama.


  • Melissa Schafers

- Lavendar, my dearest darling

The first thing Melissa does in the morning is open her curtains to greet her lavenders. As the sun rises, she feels the warmth and is filled with thoughts of love, courage and peace. She says that they bring vibrant colour and pleasant scent to her life.


  • Hector Dibakoane

- My #WoW Story

After struggling to secure gigs for the poet he manages, Hector and his artist decided host their own show that also hosts other artists. They’ve now grown with an attendance of over 150 people and are representing South Africa internationally.



- The youth is the future

Michael coaches cricket and hockey and has been doing so for the past 25 years. He says that it fulfills him to see them improve and makes friends and is very grateful to be a part of that.


  • Samkelisiwe Nomthandazo Setshedi

- Designing has become an extension of me

Samkelisiwe has always known that she wanted to be a fashion designer and after she couldn’t complete her course in fashion school, she started her own leather lifestyle style and has taught herself how to handcraft items from leather.


  • Nikiwe Michel Dlamini

- Growing is an amazing experience

Nikiwe has a strong passion for cooking and baking and pursued her passion by starting a business of her own. She’s looking forward to the future and has a goal to own a store on a mall one day.


  • Carmen Rene Adendorff

- I've always loved football

Carmen Adendorff has had a passion for football for as long as she could remember and fulfilled it by acquiring a football coaching license. Today, she holds the record for running a Futsal League, the first of its kind in SA.


  • Itumeleng Sibambo

- Nothing compres to my love for art

Itumeleng is a pen portrait artist who celebrates people artistically. As someone’s who now climbing up the creative ladder, his wish is to share his gift with the world.


  • Luciano dos Santos

- Dolls of the universe

Luciano expresses his feelings, lives out his dreams and lets his imagination run wild by making sculptures from recycled materials.


  • Jacob Thekiso

- A good deed goes a long way

Jacob Thekiso took a chance and helped a stranger with shelter and other basic needs. Today, that stranger is now a long-term friend and has a school in Kimberley.


  • Ruth Cohen

- Velcro straps last!

Ruth took a 103-year-old lady shopping for new shoes and picked out a pair with Velcro straps. After explaining what Velcro was and how it works as the lady did not know, her only concern was, in true elderly fashion, if they would last.


  • Dashmika Pillay

- Getting into business was the best choice I've made

Damshika became a business owner after she lost her job last year. Today, her business has flourished and she’s now able to feed the less fortunate through her business.


  • Vuyo Nkwanyane

- Learning to learn

Vuyo prides himself in learning something new every year. He’s recently started learning how to do hand-lettering and is getting better at it the more he practices. He hopes to do unique lettering for big brands in the future.


  • Simpiwe Gabavana

- For the youth, by the youth

Simpiwe runs an online magazine that provides a platform to showcase the amazing work of those who aren’t being noticed. He and his colleagues also help tertiary students with work experience to equip them for the competitive world of work.


  • Kenrick Hendricks

- I hope to inspire others to innovate

With his belief that the world’s next big advancement in tech and digital can come from South Africa, Kendrick gives back to the next generation by sharing his experience and knowledge in hopes to inspire others to innovate and do great work.


  • Benjamin Chunga

- Benjamin The Creative

Benjamin is a young creative with a positive outlook on life gained through lessons he’s learned along his journey as a creative. One of his biggest achievements are notably working as a junior art director at just 22 years old.


  • Andrich Donovan Lange

- Art gave me a second chance

A camera lens can open up a different world. Donovan Lange used photo art to express himself and boost his self-confidence. His art led him to an abundance of opportunities and today, he’s head chef at a four-star restaurant.


  • Nomthandazo Landanane

- Art heals me

One bad day, Nomthandazo spotted street art that lifted her mood. She now takes images as she walks down town and says that art heals her.


  • Gresham Madhan

- That's the power of love

Gresham and his partner come from totally different backgrounds and their families objected their union, however, because the love and passion shone through it all, the battle has been uphill and they’re not discussing getting engaged.


  • Anita Nicola Pather

- No words needed

Anita started painting on an empty wall in her garage after she found herself in a place where she felt helpless. This method of self-expression helped her pour herself out when words had failed her.


  • Khayelihle Angel

- I make beautiful outfits that speak of a joyful spirit

A love story told through design. Khayelihle uses Ankara, Kente and ESwatini fabrics to show and encourage love through modern design. When put together, the prints in the outfits tell beautiful stories.


  • Sizwe Percial

- Music moves me

Sizwe has loved music for as long as he could remember. Along with another friend of his, they began making beats using a R2 coin and table, which is now known as Gqom music.


  • Palesa Mtyingizana

- Vaping has a lot of benefits

Palesa and her business partner, Ponagatso saw a gap in the vaping industry and took the opportunity to open their own vape store, becoming the first black women to do so. They’re growing and wish to expand their brand.


  • Lerato Masha

- Through tech, we're changing many realities

Lerato left her job as director of a blue chip company to pursue her dream of making a contribution to society through culture preservation and social cohesion. She founded a multi-brand e-commerce platform which distributes African luxury goods, creates employment and celebrates African craftsmanship.


  • Avisha Maharaj

- Thanks dad for being my inspiration

Avisha draws a lot of inspiration from her dad who, when she was younger, always had a plan. She soon had to be that person for her family as she was the eldest child but today, is pursuing her lifetime dream of being a teacher as her father had wished upon her.


  • Babazile Nhlapo

- I wake up to my dream job every morning

Babazile owns an entertainment company and has a team of 6. Although she sometimes experiences difficulties as a woman in a male dominated industry, she feels blessed for being able to wake up to her dream job every day.


  • Lekau Sehoana

- A chicken farmer

Lekau started his business by selling eggs with a markup and saved up to purchase and farm chickens. His chicken farm now holds over 5200 chickens; this he all achieved before the age of 30.


  • Lumka Vuyiswa Jordaan

- Our spaces should represent our culture

There is art in everything. Lumka Jordaan is an interior designer and seller of art. She started taking abstract photographs and this gave birth to Taxi Journeys. It’s a series of photographs taken on her daily commute via taxis.


  • Bonginkosi Mhlanga

- Influence, motivate, fulfil

After printing his first magazine 7 years ago, Bongikosi’s Kas’lam has since expanded digitally and celebrates South Africa’s amazing talent.


  • Phumza Mathumba

- I always give my all, this makes my job easy

Phumza works closely with the elderly and her favorite part is hearing stories about their childhood. Although there’s tears sometimes, her job fulfils her as the days always end with smiles.


  • Thapelo Lephallo

- Ambitious and passionate about development

Thapelo holds a Business Management qualification and aims to donate and educate disadvantaged communities through business and his passion for development.


  • Lindelwa Mveleli

- Share the love you have with your family

Illona’s little sister is in her care and is embarking on her journey through higher education. In order to ensure that her sister’s world is beautiful and full of opportunities, Illona loves her unconditionally and makes sure that she receives nothing but the best.


  • Illona Alvira Greef

- My story is but a chapter in her book

Illona’s little sister is in her care and is embarking on her journey through higher education. In order to ensure that her sister’s world is beautiful and full of opportunities, Illona loves her unconditionally and makes sure that she receives nothing but the best.


  • Sibusiso Padi

- Out with the old, in with the new

Sibusiso has plans to implement a new system whereby taxi commuters are able to pay their taxi fare with a debit card should they have no cash in their possession. This system will be very helpful especially for those travelling in the early morning or late in the evening.


  • Joseph Mapokgole

- We aim to help people hear the world speak through the program

Hearing loss is said to be the 3rd global disease and Joseph Mapokgole, an Audiologist, aims to test hearing across the country to reduce the prevalence of hearing loss by 2025. g.