Presenting a Rising Africa to the World

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"I am an African. Not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me.” - Kwame Nkrumah.

They say that when Africa gets in your blood, it never leaves. We agree. There’s something about this continent that makes an impression like no other. It might be its diversity and various contradictions that fascinate and draw people in, its harshness in stark contrast to its beauty.

Many Africans are building on reinterpreting Africa and presenting a new face, bringing it into a new generation, into a new world. Read on to find out more about some of these talented individuals and how they’re creating a niche for themselves and their brands in a changing Africa.

Wacy Zacharias: Born in Mozambique, Macy left at a very young age and lived and studied in Johannesburg, London, New York and Berlin, before returning home to establish Woogui, a proudly Mozambican fashion brand created in 2008. This, her very first collection of women’s fashion items, launched her on an exciting path in the fashion industry. In 2015, Wacy established a partnership with fashion and textile designer, Djamila de Sousa, and together they launched Karingana Wa Karingana Textiles, a surface and textile design brand with a vision to change the narrative of African textile stories. Read more about Wacy and her brands here.

Januario Jano: Born in 1979 in Luanda, Angola, Januario Jano explores the opposing notions of modern pop culture and traditional practices through performance, photography and textile. Living between Lisbon, London and Luanda - three totally different cities, representing at a glance the past, the present and the future - has a direct effect on Januario’s art as each place represents selected ‘seeds’. Research is the central feature of his artistic practice. He has interest in exploring ideas of home and self, reflecting on his historical upbringing and the globalised cultural sphere. Read more about him here.

Anselmo Silvestre: Chef Anselmo Silvestre, originally from Luanda, Angola, is on a quest to promote Angolan cuisine as well as the talent behind some of the region’s most unique and interesting food offerings. A graduate of the South African Chefs Academy, he’s done stints at noteworthy establishments such as the Cape Grace Hotel, the One & Only, Coco Safar, The Village Idiot as well as La Colombe, currently rated the best restaurant in South Africa. He now works for Protégé restaurant in Franchhoek (Cape Winelands), that belongs to the La Colombe Group. Read more about him here.

That’s it for our #AfricaMonth series of blogs. We hope you enjoyed this journey with us. Let’s keep our heads high and work together to keep this beautiful, unique and special continent that we call home, rising and rising and rising. We believe in Africa!