Red, Red Wine, You make me feel so Fine!

Introducing our new Double Barrel Reserve Red Blend

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." - Leonardo Da Vinci

“Never underestimate the power of detail. It can transform even the excellent into the exceptional,” says Niël Groenewald, our managing director. “Ask anyone who treasures their craft, who works fully with their hands, heart and mind, and they will tell you the same.”

He is referring to our exciting new Double Barrel Reserve, a Cabernet Sauvignon-led red blend in classic Bordeaux-style combination with Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec. What makes that deliciously proportioned blend stand apart, lies in the detail of the maturation of its components.

“Each of the five varieties was individually vinified and that included their ageing in contact with French oak for 12 months,” explains our red winemaker, Zinaschke Steyn. “However, the Merlot portion was taken from barrel after nine months, then blended and returned to barrel for a further three months of maturation. All components were then combined to achieve what we believe is a beautifully balanced whole. Call this double-barrel process a small detail, but it delivers a significant impact. It has turned a terrifically juicy, succulent and appetising wine into one with the finest-grained silky texture and a thrilling richness and depth.

“For a tailor it might be an additional seam or tuck, or for a painter it could be one more brush stroke. It may sound simple, and it should seem effortless but often, behind that detail lies the weight of experience, focus and precision.

“I’ve loved being given the chance to experiment while still working within the confines of the classical. It’s a different challenge from creating something entirely original. It takes a special discipline, restraint and imagination to honour tradition while adding another dimension.

Nose it, taste it and love it. I certainly do. Think sun-ripened blueberries and juicy cherries on the nose and in the mouth. The flavour stays and stays, lets you make a feast of it. I take such pleasure in sipping it at the end of the day when I’m relaxing but I also when indulging in my favourite Mzanzi foods - grilled meats, stews, prego rolls, vetkoek and dombolo.”

The wine is available through various retail outlets and wine menus. Bought retail or online, it sells for around R115 per 750ml bottle.

Purchase a bottle of Double Barrel Reserve 2020 now, and join the #LocalFlavours conversation on social media. To discover our range of homegrown food recipes, matched with Double Barrel Reserve, click here.

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