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Royalty in the Room

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Know that moment when someone walks into a room, and there’s an instant charge of energy. Everyone’s pulse rate rises expectantly. It’s as if the molecules in the air shift to make way for this potent new force field. Call it charisma, magnetism, alpha-dynamism or perhaps you have your own word, but we’ve all experienced its thrill.

Well, in the world of wine, that would be Cabernet Sauvignon (Cab to those on first name terms). It has that special way of commanding your respect without even trying, exuding an effortless power and grace. Never loud and pushy. It simply doesn’t have to be, because it radiates accomplishment, elegance and finesse.

No wonder Cabernet Sauvignon (not to be confused with the also very fine Cabernet Franc) is known as the King of Reds.  Its consummate royalty lies in the magnificence of its bearing, a majesty of structure to create wines of enormous depth, concentration, and vitality, as well as longevity.

Cabernet wines exist in a timeless orbit. They just know how to hold their own, wherever and whenever they appear. True classics, they rise above fashion and that makes them infinitely collectible and always relevant.

They show their lineage of course, but if you follow closely, you can also divine their very individual histories. From the precise spot in which they take root to reflect the impact of soil composition, to the gradient of the site, the way the vineyard faces, its altitude and even whether it is located close to the coast, on the mountain slopes or further inland. You can also tell if the grapes have been dry-farmed (i.e. unirrigated), trellised or maintained as bush vines.

With such pedigree and nuance, it’s easy to understand why Nederburg has made Cabernet its focus. It is as much a part of our DNA as our treasured history, our stunning location and our award-winning reputation.

You’ll find a Cabernet in every range we make, either as a varietal wine or as part of a blend. These are regularly awarded on local and international platforms. Just recently, our ultra-premium Private Bin R163 Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 achieved a gold medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2021. Meanwhile, our new-look and new-styled Private Bin Two Centuries Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 was awarded gold by the judges of The Drinks Business Global Cabernet Sauvignon Masters 2021. The latter is a Platter’s South African Wine Guide 2021 five-star wine. Visit our online shop or the Vinoteque wine bank to add these beauties to your collection of fine wines.

Want to be #CabSavvy? Here’s a quick summary of this royal red.

Cabernet Sauvignon:

  • is a noble grape and is renowned for its capacity to produce top-quality, age-worthy and collectible reds;
  • is the child of one white and one red parent: Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon blanc;
  • has long been associated with France’s famous Bordeaux wine region, with the first major plantings dating to the 1800s;
  • has an immediately recognisable aroma and taste of black and dark red fruits like currants, berries and plums and stands up extremely well to ageing in wood
  • produces relatively small-sized and thick-skinned berries with a high ratio of fruit to skin and pip (The skins contribute to its depth of colour, and the pips to its tannins)
  • being thick skinned, it more resistant to rot than thinner skinned varieties
  • is a late ripener and responds well to the Cape’s relatively warm growing conditions
  • is South Africa’s most widely planted red wine grape;
  • has been grown in South Africa since the late 1800s and has long been associated with the country’s most prestigious red wines;
  • is super food-friendly and a great match with red and game meat pâtés, grills, stews, casseroles and roasts, and a wide range of hard and creamy cheeses. Prefer to drink it as is? That’s perfectly fine too!