Water, Earth's most Precious Resource

– News Article

Today, on #WorldWaterDay, we’re celebrating the fact that our far-reaching water stewardship measures earned us WWF Conservation Champion status last year!

To begin our effective water stewardship process required substantial investment in sophisticated water consumption measurement tools so we could calculate precisely the impact of our cover crops planted in and amongst the vineyards, the wider application of drought-resistant rootstocks, the greater use of water-stress deficit irrigation, the use of pressure bombs to measure leaf water respiration, the move towards night irrigation, as well as the introduction of several climate-resilient Mediterranean varietals.

“It’s very encouraging to have earned the highest level of WWF recognition of champion status for what we’ve been doing,” says Niël Groenewald, our managing director. “We’ve had to adhere to rigorous criteria and show innovation in how we manage our natural resources. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved but there’s no place for complacency. We plan to become even better at what we’re doing.

“Many of our water-saving measures have been in place for well over a decade but to assess the efficacy of our initiatives required that we begin measuring with greater accuracy. We’ve determined that in some instances we’ve achieved water savings of as high as 40%. That inspires us to save even more.

“In the cellar, we are using recycled water for the cooling tanks, applying more efficient chilling processes and rigorously following water-wise cleaning regimes to eliminate water wastage. We’ve stepped up our rain-water harvesting and are diverting filtered effluent water to irrigate our extensive gardens. Our team has also worked hard to improve the management of streams and drainage lines that run through the farm, while continuing with the rehabilitation of land to indigenous habitat.”

Join us in saving water, earth’s most precious resource, as we continue on our eco-sustainability journey. Click here to view WWF South Africa’s tips for conserving water. Or go check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for some fun tips on being water-wise while enjoying a glass of wine at home.